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Your all-in-one starter pack to a healthier, happier and totally awesome you.


Seven weeks to change your life, all for the price of a single Personal Training session!


No. 1: 'Lifestyle over Diet'

"Choosing to embark on a healthier lifestyle, as opposed to just another diet is fundamental to your long-term success and emotional wellbeing."


A more human approach…

We have cut through all of the fitness jargon and sieved through mountains of scientific research, to bring together the simple bare necessities of weight loss, or as we like to call them, the Pre7tySimple Principles.

Explore a healthier route through life, without the un-necessary stress of dieting.

We pride ourselves on being different, and on making a healthy lifestyle easier than you could ever imagine.

All seven of the Pre7tySimple Principles can be found in our nifty little handbook. It's a quick read and it’s super useful for anyone looking to get in shape. There's even pictures! 


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Join our adventure as we explore Wales…


"Dyma ein ymdrech I wneud Cymru’n lle hapusach a fwy iach I fyw."


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