January (late) Starters - Don't panic!

"New Year, new me - oh wait, bank holiday week doesn’t count…” - by Dino Hodzovic

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.58.50.png

Starting the year with a bank holiday Monday and a 4-day workweek makes it awfully tempting to not ‘officially’ start your New Year plans until the next week – or month even! After all, diet’s start on a Monday – and if you’re going to do it right this year, waiting another week isn’t the end of the world, right?

Well, yes you are right.

If you’re still shaking the hangover, have chocolates left over and your body is struggling with the early mornings all over again then maybe its okay to start, ‘for proper’, next week. That way, you’ll have the weekend to get yourself ready.

The point is, find what works best for you, and do it. Don’t beat yourself up if others have started and you haven’t yet. Everyone’s journey is individual; you will find your own path.