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Ditch the diet and learn how to live a healthy, happy and totally awesome life, with a more mindful approach to weight loss. After all- your lifestyle, your rules.

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How to Be Happy: 5 Simple Habits Proven to Help You Live a Happy Life

Dino Hodzovic

What’s the difference between happy and unhappy people?


Happy people have different habits – they act and think differently. It may not seem it, but it really is that simple.

We always seem to be chasing something in life. Whether it’s a new car, a holiday, a promotion…. There is nearly always something we desire. Have you ever had the thought “When (blank) happens, I’ll finally be happy.”? Yeah, me too.

Ok, yes buying something new could make you happy in the short term, but what happens when you feeling a little down in the dumps again? Buy something else? The bank account really won’t be looking too happy with you if we keep up this trend. In fact, it’s highly likely you’ll start feeling even worse about your latest spending spree. Doh!

It’s so common for people overestimate the intensity and duration of their emotional reactions to future events; like buying something they think will make them “happy”. Psychologists have a name for this, and they’ve called it the impact bias. Pretty cool, right?

The reality is, event-based happiness is temporary. Happiness that lasts is earned through your habits. Extremely happy people tend to have solid habits that sustain their happiness day in, day out. You can choose which habits to develop in your life. If you want to be happier, simply install more happiness-boosting habits.

Happiness is a choice and we can all nurture it. Your happiness lies in your own hands. Don’t forget, the simple act of being happy can protect you from stress, negativity, anxiety, and depression. If you’re looking for a little boost in your happiness here’s some super simple ideas that may develop in to new happy habits.

1. Keep a gratitude journal

Science has proved to us that gratitude can considerably increase your happiness.  Sometimes, it can seem like one tiny unfortunate event can throw our entire day off and we can miss some of the more enjoyable parts of the day. With this awareness that our mind tends to cling to the negative, we can intentionally focus on the good parts of our day to offset this imbalance.


Write down 3 things you feel grateful for at the end of every day. Keep these simple and short. It’s a great way to practice mindfulness too!

2. Live in the now.

Have you ever got so excited about what’s coming up in the future that you completely forgot to live in the present? Yeah, same here.

It sounds simple enough but we as human beings tend to have a really tricky time enjoying the present moment, or “the now”. Sometimes we all worry too much about things that haven’t happened yet (and may not even happen at all) that we tend to panic. While some of us fear the future, others are permanently in the past.


SmileEach day is full of endless possibilities! Start it with a smile, and whilst you’re at it pass that smile of yours on to someone else. It’s contagious, you know!

3. Use positive words to describe your life.

The words that we use on a day-to-day basis have so much more power than you may think.

How you talk about your life is how your life will ultimately be. If you find yourself describing your life as boring, busy, repetitive, chaotic, that is how you will perceive it and you will feel the effects in your body and mind. By really using of the power of positivity, you’ll notice an amazing impact on your life.

Your words are among your greatest tools, so you can have an enormous effect on both yourself and others simply by thinking about what you say every day and making a conscious effort to be both positive and genuine


Try to replace negative words with positive ones

E.g.  “Why not?” → “Sounds good” or “No problem” → “Definitely!”

4. Take a walk

Walking regularly makes you feel great and boosts your happiness. You quickly release those happy hormones (endorphins) and can take some time to think and reflect. You can read more about walking and it’s benefits here.


Try to go on a short walk every day, or click to download a free walking plan.

5. Make someone else happy

Take the time to show that you are fully present with another person. When you take the simple action of expressing appreciation, others will be drawn to you like a magnet, and their respect for you will blossom.


Try to do a random act of kindness at least once a week. It could be something as small as opening the door for someone, or dropping a text message to your mum to tell her she’s awesome. Go for it and see how you feel.

There you have it! Happiness is a habit!

Use every opportunity to learn about your body.  And remember to believe in yourself, these healthy habits are with you for life, just remember to trust the process. Click here to learn to Make Habits Stick, and don’t forget to download your Healthy Habits Bundle today!