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Ditch the diet and learn how to live a healthy, happy and totally awesome life, with a more mindful approach to weight loss. After all- your lifestyle, your rules.

How to: Drink more Water! - 7 Quick & Easy Ideas

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Find out just how simple weight loss can be, and how you can start living a healthy lifestyle today. Expect plenty of infographics, videos and much more!

How to: Drink more Water! - 7 Quick & Easy Ideas

Dino Hodzovic

Maintaining good hydration is crucial to maintaining good health.

water is essential for life

A fish can't breathe without water, and we can’t live without it either!

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to stay healthy both physically and mentally, but most of us are dehydrated without realising it!


Water makes up approximately 60% of body and it's the most important nutrient for health, growth, and development, for everyone!

In a nutshell, dehydration happens when you’ve lost too much water in your body without replacing it.

It then impacts your body in different ways and prevents it from performing its normal functions.


Take a look at some of these symptoms of dehydration:

  • Energy levels decrease

  • Lower concentration levels

  • Slow reaction time

  • Reduced endurance

  • Headaches

  • Dry mouth

  • Dizziness

Staying hydrated is super important. Why go about life with a battery that's half full. Get that water down you and live life to the max.

Here are some super simple ideas to drink more water:

Idea number 1

Find out how much water you drink on a day-to-day basis. 

It's a double whammy win - it makes you more aware of the amount of water you're drinking and naturally encourages you to drink more as you're keeping track. 

Take a look at our food and mood log. It may help you keep track of what you eat and drink each day.

Feel free to save and print it out. It's a really useful tool to add to your kit! 


(part 1/2) A super friendly, easy-to-use food and mood log that is free for anyone to download and use. You can track what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus snacks!) each day, as well as the amount of water you drink. There is also room to record how much exercise you do over the week. Template is free to download and use by anyone.
(part 2/2) A super friendly, easy-to-use food and mood log that is free for anyone to download. Track your mood by allocating different colours to moods, and then colour the opposite side of the page depending on how you feel. A great mindfulness exercise that links nicely with anyones weight loss journey. Template is free to download and use by anyone.

We have got plenty more unique food & mood logs that we send to all of our clients on the Healthy Habits online workshop. You'll get one for each week, plus loads more in the welcome packs through the post. Click the link for more information on the Healthy Habits bundle.

Idea number 2

Get yourself a giant water bottle! 

Take it to work, to the gym, take it around with you everywhere. Your goal is to drink the whole thing by the end of each day.

Not got one? Either use an old empty squash bottle (or whatever else you drink) or click the link to grab one on Amazon, it'll be the best investment in yourself this year!


Idea number 3

A phone case with the words 'stay hydrated', and a watering can sprinkling water over a red flower.

Set alarms on your phone. 

Life is hectic, we get that. Working through a long day can make you forget the basic necessities, like keeping yourself hydrated.

The idea is pretty simple, use your favourite alarm app on your phone to set daily reminders to get away from your desk, or whatever you are doing and guzzle down a glass of water.

Some people are ok with drinking whenever they're thirsty, where others may find it helpful to get a little push every two hours or so, especially as life is a million miles an hour.

Choose your tunes wisely - if you pick a good song it may very well encourage some sneaky dance moves along the way - and guess what? You'll burn some more calories that way too! Winning.


idea number 4

An illustrated quote which reads "if there is magic on this planet it is contained in water" Illstrated by Loren Eiseloy

Squeezy Squash

Water can be bland sometimes, and it's so easy to spruice it up a little by carrying those squeezy squash pots in your bag. Instant taste sensation - and they're zero calorie too!


idea number 5

Have a glass of water with every meal.

Not only does this help with the hydration situation, but it also helps keep you fuller for longer. This is awesome to stop any mindless munching. 

It doesn't have to be a big glass, just any glass of water will do. Every little helps!

idea number 6

Don't just take water out with you - DRINK IT :)

We've seen so many people make the effort to lug a bottle of water with them, but never drink it! If you've taken it with you it's there to drink. You'll feel awesome afterwards!

idea number 7

5 colourful water bottles with motivational writing on and marking for you to drink up to by a certain time. Beautifully designed with screw on lids.


Want another way to keep track of your water intake? Get a sharpie, and get creative!

Mark clearly on your water bottle a line at every glass-full (250ml) of water you can pour in. Or you could do other distance lines - it's completely up to you! Mark these lines with the time you'd like to finish your glass by for a visual reminder - it really helps!

Keep your bottle with you and see if you can stay on track with your hydration goals. You could even add some motivational quotes to yourself for along the way.

And that's that! Staying hydrated is super important, so get on it!

For now, 

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