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Ditch the diet and learn how to live a healthy, happy and totally awesome life, with a more mindful approach to weight loss. After all- your lifestyle, your rules.

How to lose weight the simple way

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Find out just how simple weight loss can be, and how you can start living a healthy lifestyle today. Expect plenty of infographics, videos and much more!

How to lose weight the simple way

Dino Hodzovic

There are so many different ways to lose weight quickly. However, most of them will leave you feeling super hungry and pretty miserable. 

If you don't have iron willpower, or live a really busy lifestyle then hunger can often cause you to give up on these plans quickly.

Here are 7 simple steps to the slimmer, healthier you.

How to lose weight quickly.

Let's go!

Step 1: Change your mindset.

Don’t go on another diet ever again. Opt to gradually adapt your lifestyle towards a healthier one that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Step 2: Eat less calories than you burn.

This is at the heart of any weight loss program. It is your bread and butter. Keep this at the forefront of your mind and everything else will fall into place. Whether you eat slightly less or exercise slightly more, it's up to you.

Step 3: Make baby changes.

Start to gradually reduce the amount of fast food or processed food you eat. We all have some idea of what foods are higher in calories than others. But don't go cold turkey, everything in moderation.

Step 4: Eat nutritious foods.

Protein is important for top bodily function. Aim to include a good source of protein with most of your meals. That way, you will get enough without too much hassle!

Step 5: Enjoy a balanced diet. 

There's really no need to restrict your carbs. They are your body’s main source of energy, they taste great and are part of any healthy diet. Learn when to eat carbs and how your body reacts to them, and most importantly enjoy them!

Step 6: Stay well hydrated.

Don’t go through life dehydrated! Set a system in place, and follow it. You will feel so much more energised and healthy.

Step 7: Trust The Process

If you are feeling better and making healthier food choices then you are on the right track and are already winning. The scales may occasionally try to demotivate you, but trust the path you are on and you will certainly reap the reward.

It's as simple as that to lose weight quickly!

BOTTOM LINE: Stick to these steps, the results will speak for themselves!

If you'd like more help on this, the Pre7tySimple Principles handbook may be of use to you.

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