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Ditch the diet and learn how to live a healthy, happy and totally awesome life, with a more mindful approach to weight loss. After all- your lifestyle, your rules.

Lifestyle vs Diet. Whats the Difference?

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Find out just how simple weight loss can be, and how you can start living a healthy lifestyle today. Expect plenty of infographics, videos and much more!

Lifestyle vs Diet. Whats the Difference?

Dino Hodzovic

"Stop what you are dieting, and listen up" - Dino Hodzovic

The importance of seeing your journey as a lifestyle choice rather than a diet plan. An image of a woman looking to lose weight, holding a tape measure around her mid-section to monitor any progress she has made in her weight loss journey.

If you needed any more confirmation on why you should always choose to embark on a healthier lifestyle over a quick-fix diet, then you're in the right place. Don't forget to watch the video at the bottom of the page! Let's jump right in...

If you stick to a diet, you'll lose weight right?

You are either successful at it or you may ‘fail’ somewhere along the way. It generally seems to be one or the other.

Because of people’s desire to get results as fast as possible, there is a growing industry for quick-fix diets and diets that have some kind of ‘edge’ to them. They can sometimes seem appealing, with the edge probably claiming to make you lose 2 stone in a week or something of the sort.

Here's the issue:

If you stick to it you will lose crazy weight. And if that is your only goal, then that’s great. However, wouldn’t you rather learn how to generally be healthier, and live a lifestyle that is sustainable for more than 4-8weeks?

Instead of going on a diet, what if you decided to learn how the whole weight loss thing works and figure out your own path towards your goals. That means, no-one telling you what you can or can't eat and you pretty much make the rules!

Not only will you actually begin to enjoy the process a little more, but you’d be surprised how quickly you see results… Results that will stay with you for life, as opposed to 'until you stop dieting again'. 

The Pretty Simple Principles were created with you and your mental wellbeing at the forefront.

We like to focus on the journey, not the end result.

In fact, if you focus entirely on enjoying the process, weight loss almost becomes a side effect of your lifestyle. What we mean is that before you know it, you will be losing weight and it will be a delightful experience.

Let’s put it in practice:

Late at night, after eating well all day, you see a whole box of Celebrations left opened on the kitchen table. Tempting?

Don’t panic! It isn't a big deal!

If you decided to eat the whole box, it's no biggie. You clearly really wanted to at that moment in time.

Simply take a lesson and move on. Go to bed earlier next time, so that you aren’t bored or tired and looking for a late-night snack.

Instead of beating yourself up or punishing yourself at the gym the next day, you can take a positive (earlier nights or limiting the amount of chocolate that is readily available in your house) and sleep well knowing that you are making progress in the bigger picture.

Remember, having 2000 calories of chocolate one day is completely negligible and irrelevant when you are thinking of your whole future life span, rather than a 2-4 week crash diet.

The Lesson? Life is long

Your journey will continue past the end-point you may have set yourself in a couple of weeks or months. Don’t lose your head because of the un-necessary pressure related to ‘going on a diet’. Focus on the important things and shift your mind-set from a quick-fix diet to living a healthier lifestyle (for life!).

Final Words.

2018 has been bonkers for us at Pretty Simple Principles HQ. We have (since writing this blog) released all seven of the Pretty Simple Principles in our nifty cool handbook which you can pick up on our store (or on Amazon). It's also available to download as an ebook or pdf so you can read it straight from your phone!

There's loads more going on behind the scenes every day, and we'd love to welcome you to our community. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get in on our discussions, or subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we upload a new video each week!

For now, here's the video explainer we made for the first Pretty Simple Principles, 'Lifestyle over Diet'.

Hope you enjoy, and pick up a few healthy habits along the way!


(Comfortable in your seat? You can catch all seven videos covering each of the Pretty Simple Principles over on our YouTube channel)

Have a great day.

Dino & Beth

-The Pretty Simple Principles team