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Ditch the diet and learn how to live a healthy, happy and totally awesome life, with a more mindful approach to weight loss. After all- your lifestyle, your rules.


Are you trading your money and time for happiness? Learn how to live a healthy, happy and totally awesome life, through a more mindful approach.


Are you trading money and time for happiness?

“Happiness is simply a state of mind.”

 Happiness is often misunderstood as a physical state, tied to a future achievement or goal; a new car, a smaller dress size or even a job promotion. Society tells us it’s good to have these things.

When finances and these “things” at the forefront of our mind, our income has a direct effect on overall life satisfaction. However, happiness is different for each person, because each person is different.

First things first, be yourself and listen to yourself.... Only then will you know what makes YOU happy.....

Achieving happiness is ultimately in your control, and it has very little to do with your environment. By actively chasing happiness, you may actually be delaying it!

Make happiness a habit!

Small steps toward happiness add up, and you are so worth it!!

Replacing just a few negative habits with a few positive, healthy habits can be the difference difference between being mostly unhappy and being mostly happy.