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Ditch the diet and learn how to live a healthy, happy and totally awesome life, with a more mindful approach to weight loss. After all- your lifestyle, your rules.

Walk of the Week | Exploring Wales

We are on a quest to make Wales the healthiest and happiest place to live. Join us as we explore some of the best Welsh dog walks and parks that we can find...

Join us on our adventure…

Walk of the Week

Be inspired to grab your wellies, get out and move more!

“We are on a quest to make Wales the healthiest and happiest place to live”

The Walk of the Week series on YouTube is a joy to watch and highlights so many places I didn’t know were on my doorstep. I even showed them one I hope will feature some day.
— Annabelle

Episode 10: Roath Park Lake, Cardiff

Roath Park Lake is a beautiful spot to go for a walk. The man-made lake sit’s comfortably in suburban Cardiff and offers a delightful change of scenery for those who visit. You’ll find an abundance of swans, ducks and other birds that dwell in the lake, as well as a rose garden, children’s park, conservatory and so much more.

Episode 9: Roath Recreational Grounds, Cardiff

‘The Rec’ (for short) offers a huge open green space, surrounded by an outer edge of Elm trees. The Roath Brook stream flows alongside the grounds, and you can follow it to Roath Pleasure Gardens where you’ll find tennis courts, bowls greens and even more to explore.

Episode 8: Cefn Onn Park, Cardiff

This week we ventured out to explore the woodlands of Cefn Onn Park. The park itself really is beautiful; a tranquil woodland that really does bring you closer to nature. You could spend hours here, exploring all of the corners of the park, taking in all of the mighty trees that have resided there for many years…

Episode 7: Howardian Nature Reserve, Cardiff

Not many people know about Howardian Local Nature Reserve, and that's because it sits quietly behind the entrance of David Lloyds Leisure Clubs. The local ‘friends group’ have worked tirelessly to create the Nature Reserve as you’ll find it today. It may not be the longest walk, but it’s certainly one of Marley’s (and our) favourite walks!

Episode 6: Heath Park, Cardiff

Heath Park has plenty to offer, from 37 hectares of playing fields to woodlands, ponds and recreational facilities. It really is massive, and offers a range of sports and leisure activities. These include a 9-hole pitch-and-put golf course, tennis courts and it even has a 3G pitch! Heath Park really is a great place to go and explore, and its super dog friendly too!

Episode 5: Bute Park, Cardiff

Bute Park sits right behind Cardiff Castle, bang smack in the city centre. It really is a ginormous park, with plenty of open fields, cafe’s, historic landmarks, streams, trees and even an Eisteddfod stone circle! Bute Park really is an adventure worth having with your dog, so we’d highly recommend checking it out.

Episode 4: Roath Brook Gardens, Cardiff

This week we explored three parks that follow the Roath Brook stream; Waterloo Gardens, Roath Brook Gardens and Roath Mill Gardens. These parks have a great community and it’s one of the first places we took Marley to socialise when he was a pup! Now, a flood prevention scheme is changing the landscape permanently…

Episode 3: Grangemoor Park, Cardiff

Following the Ely Trail from Penarth Road, Grangemoor Park sits as a mighty hill overlooking the Cardiff Bay area. At it’s highest point sits the ‘Silent Links’ sculpture, by Ian Randall, built to celebrate the redevelopment of the land in 2000­. You’d never guess what this place used to be…

Episode 2: Rhydypenau Park & Nant Fawr Woods

Rhydypenau Park is nestled in suburban Cardiff and offers plenty of open space to stretch the legs, for children and dogs alike! Following along the footpath, you’ll find a bridge that crosses into Nant Fawr Woods, and eventually past Llanishen Reservoir. All in all, a great place to explore with the dog.

Episode 1: Lamby Way Lake

We filmed our very first episode at Lamby Way Lake, in Cardiff. You’d be surprised at just how beautiful this location is, and not many people know about it! It’s definitely one of our top spots to take the dog, and offers plenty of wilderness to explore.

"Dyma ein ymdrech i wneud Cymru’n lle hapusach a fwy iach i fyw."