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More and more people are learning about the Pre7tySimple Principles, and are really starting to kick butt!

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Olivia Barr

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 Photograph sent in by Richard Wehko, holding up the paperback copy of the Pretty Simple Principles handbook! Available through our  website  (&  Amazon !)

Richard wehko

Enjoy the Journey!! What can i say...This book is superb!!

Beth and Dino have a great understanding of what works and understand the difficulties we all face in life and when trying to achieve our fitness goals. They have broken everything down into 7 Pretty Simple Principles.

I’m strong believer that life shouldn’t be about strict dieting....Why would you want to live feeling guilty about eating this and that, restricting your calories, doing some new fad diet or even just saying no to that chocolate bar... Don’t do it live by these Principles.

For someone who works long nightshifts and has irregular eating patterns working to the Pre7tySimple Principles makes sense to me and brings a structure I can live by happily. It’s broken down into an extremely easy way to understand, follow and live by but is a super effective way which will change your mindset. It’s exceeded my expectations, boosted my confident and got me a body to be proud of!

I can’t recommend this book more highly to anyone at any level of fitness whether starting out on your journey or you want an achievable way of living a life that’s stress free, effective, will get results and allow you a way of living and loving life to its fullest.

“The Simpler The Better” as Dino and Beth would say.


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Julian vallance

Life decisions are fast and frequent but one of the most important elements of success and contentment is common sense, this book has that in spades.

Written by folk who work in health and fitness on a daily basis and are passionate about promoting a happy, achievable and sustainable lifestyle and not a quick fix diet.

The Pre7tySimple Principles offers exactly what the name suggests, simple, effective and an holistic approach to living which cuts out the jargon and gives ANYONE no matter their size, age or sex, easy to remember steps towards a healthy, fun and sustainable self for good.

The proof is in the pudding, as this book was being written, one of the authors helped me get into shape utilising the principles in my daily life and now after achieving my initial goals of toning and getting leaner I am on to the next challenge! I very much look forward to whats next from the Pre7tySimple team!

 Photograph of Julian Vallance.


A great little book full of helpful information.

Broken down into seven easy to read parts to help achieve a healthier outlook on weight loss and health. Nice quick read, with lots to motivate you on your fitness journey, and helps to create a more positive long lasting view on weight loss and what we eat. Its all about simplifying your fitness journey, simplifying your choices, and by making changes to your lifestyle instead of fad dieting, creating a long lasting set of principles to keep you on track. And the core principles they list are easy to follow too!

It's a well laid out book and has been produced to a high standard. It will definitely be one I come back to when I'm having a bad week or in need of some extra motivation!


Definitely a simple and easy way of living a healthier lifestyle!

I was originally bogged down by strict diets that were difficult to maintain but now I’m living these seven easy to follow principles which are more sustainable. I’ve achieved success in religiously living and breathing the Pre7tySimple Principles and can definitely say that I highly recommend them as a way of life.

The book also comes highly recommended for those wanting to start a healthier lifestyle or for people like me to use as a handy reference tool. All the best for the next forthcoming events.

 Photograph of Chi Yau, to be shown alongside his review of the Pretty Simple Principles.

 Photograph of Gez Charles, to be shown alongside her review of the Pretty Simple Principles.

Gez Charles

Great read.

Breaks down the difficult (sometimes confusing!) information into easy to digest chapters.. exactly as the name suggests.It’s 'pretty simple’ stuff that I’ve definitely taken on board into my lifestyle.

Look forward to what’s next!!

Cheers guys.

Alex Jones

This handbook is right up the alley of anyone who thinks that the world of fitness is a big scary place.

It breaks down every step into the very basics, so no matter what kind of lifestyle you have you can find a way to fit these changes in.

The book itself is well written and designed beautifully. An absolute must have for anyone looking to better themselves.

Highly recommended.

 Photograph sent in by AJ, holding up the paperback copy of the Pretty Simple Principles handbook! Available through our  website  (&  Amazon !)

 Photograph of Sarah Wilson to be shown alongside her review of the Pretty Simple Principles handbook.

Sarah Jane Wilson

Pre7tySimple Principles does exactly what it says on the tin. Simple ideas to get you on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Well written With lovely pictures, it’s a must read for anyone wanting to feel better!

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