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Walk of the Week | Exploring Wales

We are on a quest to make Wales the healthiest and happiest place to live. Join us as we explore some of the best dog walks that Wales has to offer.

Lamby Way Lake, Cardiff

Dino Hodzovic

If you’re looking for some of the best-kept secret dog walking spots that Wales has to offer (and in video!), then you've come to the right place. Join us on our adventure, where we plan to travel all over Wales, seeking out the best spots to take your dog (or dogs!) and we want to share our adventure with all of you.

Drone photography of Lamby Way Fishing Lake in Cardiff. View of Cardiff town in the background, with 'Walk of the Week' written across the photo.

We have just started filming our new series and aim to showcase the coolest walks that Wales has to offer. That way, more people (and their dogs) can share our adventure, and find some of the best-kept secret walking locations in their local area! 


To watch episode one, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Lamby Way Lake, Cardiff.

Lamby Way Fishing Lake in Cardiff. Image taken from Walk of the Week series on YouTube.

The very first episode of Walk of the Week just had to be Lamby Way Fishing Lake. It’s one of our favourite walking spots, and we find ourselves there quite frequently – especially at summertime!

It’s only a couple of minutes from Newport Road - you wouldn’t even know if you drove straight past it; a real hidden gem for dog owners in and around Cardiff.

To find it on Google Maps, click here. Or, check it out on the map below:

Image taken from Google Maps. Cardiff, with Lamby Lake pinned as a point of significance. This is where the Lake is, in relation to the rest of Cardiff!

The whole landscape around the lake offers plenty of paths to choose from. You can mix it up and go a different route each time. If your dog’s off lead, there’s plenty of wilderness to explore…

An aerial photograph taken with a drone of Dino, Beth and Marley walking down one of many paths to choose from at Lan

The lake itself is used for fishing, so you’ll most likely find people with their rods and tents set up. They’re all really friendly, and usually have their own dogs with them.

You can find out more about fishing at the lake on its official website.

If you’re lucky enough to go in August / September time, you’ll find the area blossoming with blackberries. There are literally thousands of them – maybe more, and they taste great! We pick a couple every time we go.

A close shot of blackberries found at Lamby Lake in Cardiff. Image taken from the Walk of the Week series on YouTube.

There’s also free parking available at the Lake, which is great if you drive. We park a little further down the road (just past SOS Gym) at an industrial estate, where it also has free parking. You’ll find a side entrance to the Lake that’s a little quieter; that’s our preferred entrance spot.

Without further ado, check out the first episode!


If you like the video, share the love and tell all your fellow dog-loving friends! Don’t forget, you can tell us where you think we should go next in the YouTube comments!

See you all online!


- Dino, Beth (& Marley!)