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Walk of the Week | Exploring Wales

We are on a quest to make Wales the healthiest and happiest place to live. Join us as we explore some of the best dog walks that Wales has to offer.

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Roath Park Lake, Cardiff

Dino Hodzovic

Walk of the Week (ep.10): Roath Park Lake, Cardiff. Roath Park Lake is renown as a beautiful spot to go for a walk. The man-made lake sit’s comfortably in suburban Cardiff and offers a delightful change of scenery for those who visit. You’ll find an abundance of swans, ducks and other birds that dwell in the lake for most of the year. Four islands allow the birds to breed and survive without too much interruption and they don’t mind sharing the park with us humans too. Inside the fenced area of the park, you can find a rose garden, children’s park, a conservatory and so much more. In fact, you could spend a whole day at the park, and still have more to discover.

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